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Share Your Campaign Donations with the People

Now that is something we can call shared sacrifice!

The idea came to me when I was at my poor Marty’s grave reading him the Sunday paper.  I like to make myself comfortable on the Lord’s Day: roll my stockings down to my ankles, bring a picnic lunch with some nice Italian sausage and a hunk of Asiago cheese on Scali bread. I pour my vino into a thermos and slurp it with a spoon so it looks like soup. Too many nosy people around, especially when I start to read aloud with expression.  “There’s that crazy old lady!” To Hell with them. What do I care?

Now that Marty’s gone I don’t have to read the sports section, but I give him a quick summary.  Shouldn’t have told him about the Red Sox. It’s bad enough being dead.

So you get the picture: Sunday afternoon with The Boston Globe and the dead people.

I get inspired. It happened last Sunday as I was reading Marty a story about the 2012 elections. I fell on the ground, rolled around, and levitated when I saw the light. No, I didn’t, but that’s when the idea came to me. We should demand that half of all campaign donations go straight into federal, state and local budgets to fund social programs like Medicare for all.

The big brains are predicting that the 2012 election cycle will be the most expensive in history. I did some googling and found out that the 2008 presidential race cost about $5 billion. How many more billion will 2012 cost?  We the people could use the money. No?

We should demand that all politicians, especially Republicans, donate half of their campaign treasure chests to help The American People they’re always talking about.

Billions, billions of dollars will be spent on the 2012 elections, while The American People lose their homes, their jobs, their health care, their life savings, their civil  rights, their democracy. Just think what we could do with the money.

Hey big shots – donate the donations! Time to show us your love.

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